You Don’t Have to Face Today’s Ever Changing Compliance Landscape Alone

In the early days of software development, it was much easier than it is today for organizations to anticipate and react to ever changing business requirements. There was a greater longevity of automated applications and solutions because requirements remained more constant. Additionally, software companies were able to build packaged software with limited-to-no customization support, to meet the majority of the needs for almost every businesses.

However, over the past few decades, the world and specifically the financial and healthcare industries, have evolved dramatically presenting new challenges to businesses. For example, organizations are now required to remain compliant with operations and process regulations and guidelines in order to mitigate legal, financial, and reputational risks. Consequently, organizations have no other option but to invest more seriously in technology so they can adapt and anticipate these changes and challenges.

In turn, as an effective alternative to rigid and expensive, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions organizations have adopted applications that are tailor-built to meet unique business and industry needs, and are easily customized and configured to accommodate the ever-changing parameters.

The innovative Oracle Corporation foresaw the importance of custom application development several years ago and developed a powerful, rapid web application development (RAD) and deployment framework, called Oracle Application Express (APEX). The first release of Oracle APEX was introduced in 2004 (called HTML DB then). At that time, Sam Khalaf, CEI Oracle Practice Director, was fortunate enough to be among the few people to work on a large Oracle APEX implementation. Even in 2004, Oracle APEX offered great room for innovation and creativity for developers, allowing them to think outside the box and leverage their problem solving and web development skills to build state-of-the-art business applications. After about 12 years of a joyful career in Oracle APEX development, Khalaf remained confident about the future of Oracle APEX, as he saw how significantly it has evolved and grown over the past few years, supported by Oracle’s continuous and persistent commitment.

Adapt with Oracle APEX to Mitigate Risks

As organizations are being asked to evolve, they often times need a software development company who understands the challenges they are faced with. That provider must also be able to function as a trusted advisor, one who can help them succeed in an ever-changing landscape.

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Author: Sam Khalaf, CEI Oracle APEX Practice Director

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