Introducing CEI’s Oracle APEX Practice

Oracle-Apex_2Oracle Application Express (APEX) enables you to design, develop and deploy responsive, database-drive applications using only your web browser. Companies on Oracle Database can utilize Oracle APEX to build internal or external applications quickly. Today, you can take advance of this fully supported, no-cost feature of Oracle Database to help solve your business challenges.

Risk & Financial Governance

Automate compliance workflows and procedures, and create web-based platforms that help you manage your organization’s policies and procedures, identify and mitigate risks, improve productivity, and stay compliant with certain regulations and guidelines such as: Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), Affordable Care Act (ACA), etc.

Training & Certification

Build web-based training and certification tracking interfaces for your employees and third-party vendors. Track and monitor status through dashboards and reports.

Open Payments Data Aggregation & Dispute

Build web-based portals that aggregate open payments data from various sources, and create a set of Federal and State-specific reports to help your organization submit CMS reports. Build web-based portals that allow you to review payment information before submitting to CMS and dispute inaccurate payments when needed.

Advanced Controls

Track changes to key applications setup data, continuously monitor business transactions, and ensure only authorized user can view and edit data at the respectful level of detail.

Access & Segregation of Duties (SOD) Controls

Prevent corporate fraud and ensure regulatory compliance with strong segregation of duties (SOD) policies across all levels of the organization and across critical business applications.

How CEI Can Help

CEI can help build and host applications  (on-premises or on a cloud platform of the client’s choosing). CEI’s Custom Application Development team specializes in developing solutions following Agile methodologies to improve time-to market, and increase flexibility, productivity and ROI. CEI works in collaboration with organizations through all phases of the SDLC, such as: requirements gathering and scoping, design, development, deployment, QA, implementation, and support.

Meet CEI’s Oracle Practice Director

Sam K 2

Sam Khalaf, Oracle Practice Director and Sr. Architect, has 13+ years of experience in designing and developing numerous innovative solutions and applications to address a wide variety of business challenges and needs. Sam has worked with clients across all industries and is experienced in Custom Application Development, Business Intelligence, Advance Analytics, and Structured Data. Sam is an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) and an active member of Oracle Developer Tools Users Groups (ODTUG).

For more information contact Sam Khalaf, Oracle Practice Director, at or 703.833.1964.


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