CEI’s Owner Honored as One of Pittsburgh’s Most Dynamic Entrepreneurs

The Pittsburgh Technology Council’s, Audrey Russo and Jonathan Kersting, interview Pittsburgh’s most dynamic technology entrepreneurs.  To listen to the full podcast visit TechVibe Radio.

From making cold calls out of his townhouse to building a company of 400 plus employees, CEI’s Owner, D. Raja, is acclaimed to be one of Pittsburgh’s most dynamic entrepreneurs.

Back in 1992, D. Raja and his co-founder were selling, delivering, and managing custom application development projects all on their own. Zero investors, zero loans, but a vision. What once was only an Oracle Database software development shop now specializes in Microsoft, Java, Open Source and Mobile technologies.

Despite economic recessions Raja has forged ahead and has consistently been able to adapt to change. In fact, he believes that’s the reason for CEI’s longevity – people who adapt to change. “Even though we build software, we’re a people business”, says Raja.

Raja now plays a mentoring role at CEI. He trusts and relies upon his long tenured management team to carry on his legacy. Raja and his management team are evaluating business acquisitions for the near future. When he isn’t working Raja makes regular trips to the oldest winery in Spain of which he has invested in. But don’t expect Raja to disappear anytime soon. He has made it clear that he and CEI are here to stay. Pittsburgh is where CEI was founded and it is committed to the city and solving it’s IT needs.

To listen to the full podcast visit TechVibe Radio.

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