CEI partners with cartridge for a cause LLC

CEI recently partnered with cartridge for a cause LLC (http://cartridgeforacause.com/). CFAC is a unique Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based company that runs a program that will benefit the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. The organization strives to make a positive impact on the environment by recycling, and at the same time raises money to fight the cause against hunger.

CFAC collects empty, unused or outdated ink/toner cartridges and old cell phones at the CEI office. CFAC then recycles and reuses whatever they can. Every cartridge and cell phone that they collect could translate into one meal or more donated to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. With help from CEI and other partners, they can donate hundreds and sometimes thousands of meals monthly to the food bank.

The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank is a non-profit organization that collects and distributes food through a 380+ member network in 11 counties in Western Pennsylvania. The Food Bank currently distributes around 27 million pounds of food per year through outlets such as food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, Meals on Wheels, community centers, senior high rises, after school programs, and more. After two decades the food bank is strongly committed to alleviate hunger wherever and however they can.

“This is an important initiative for our organization. As a local business in the Pittsburgh area, it is important to do all that we can to help those in need,” said Kendal Hilko, Marketing Manager at CEI. “By simply donating one empty printer cartridge from our office, we could be giving the equivalent of one meal or more to a person in our local community.”

CEI is asking that others help support this initiative by dropping off empty, unused or outdated ink/toner cartridges and old cell phones to our Pittsburgh office: 1000 Omega Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15205. This is a great cause to benefit the Food Bank and local community.

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