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IT Professionals in High Demand

October 26, 2011

While the job-market still appears to be in a slump, the demand for professionals in the information technology sector is continuously growing.

The modern workplace depends on computer functionality as well as mobile-use.  Emailing and Instant Messages (IMs) are the primary form of communication in most office environments.  Often employees that are in other departments overlook the necessity of workplace technology.

Because technology is constantly changing, there will be a growing number of organizations that require assistance with their IT departments.

For the IT pros out there, keep applying! There are many opportunities and many more to come.

Below are a number of articles on the current demand for IT professionals.  If interested in further information, email CEI:

General Inquiries

Recruiting Department

Solutions Inquiries

Sales Department

“IT jobs market picks up nationally” (The

“Business services, telecommunication, software are hotbeds of growth”  (Democratic and Chronicle)

“Tech Employment Rose to 4 Million in September” (

“CareerBuilder Meets with Warren Buffet on How to Repair and Refuel the U.S. Job Market” (Market

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